Admission to the exhibition

Companies permitted to exhibit

Exhibiting companies must satisfy the two following criteria:

  1. have their registered office in a country recognized by the international community
  2. undertake, in at least one of the authorized countries, one or more of the Land Security and Defence activites defined below: 
  • industrial activities, whether as a manufacturer, sub-contractor or supplier
  • the design, development, production, maintenance, upgrading and operation of equipment and its associated material and environment
  • the manufacturing or modification of equipment, tools and materials
  • developing high-tech capabilities, applications and products, training, equipping and supporting the user
  • consultancy or services involving marketing, sales, finance, exporting and cooperation (this concerns in particular agencies, establishments, offices and organizations recognized by governments of authorized countries)
  • publishing Defence & Security magazines, documentation, catalogues and listings.

The following are excluded:

  • agents or intermediaries who are not officially recognized by one of the authorized countries as stipulated above
  • companies or organizations whose registered office is in a country under an embargo.

The organizer reserves the right to make the decision concerning the admittance or non-admittance of candidates.