Banned equipment


The ShieldAfrica exhibition 2019 will scrupulously respect engagements undertaken by to date

In terms of embargoes decided by international treaties on armaments or systems programmes subject to prohibition or restriction by the international community; thus the following products are banned, whatever form they may take (including mock-ups or any document):

  • Anti-personnel mines : referring to the Ottawa Agreement of 18 September 1997, concerning the destruction of mines and banning their use, storage, production or transfer;
  • Incapaciting lasers : referring to the Geneva Convention of 10 October 1980 banning conventional weapons causing excessive traumatic effects: protocol IV concerning blinding laser weapons, Vienna 10 October 1995;
  • Cluster munitions : referring the activation on August 1, 2010 of the International Convention banning their use, production, storage, acquisition, production or transfer.

This list may be subject to updating between now and the opening in January 2019.

Live ammunition can't be presentend by exhibitors in the exhibitions premises